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GWS CLOUD Platform Successfully Breaks into Thailand

REF:Economic Daily News
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In cooperation with SUPERNAP cloud application service platform, the launch of the packaging plant was immediately adopted by local manufacturers.

New prospects have popped up in Taiwan’s cloud industry. eASPNet is working in cooperation with Thailand’s leading data center operator SUPERNAP Thailand (hereinafter referred to as SUPERNAP) to replicate the technology and expertise of the GWS CLOUD application service platform business model in Thailand. The platform was officially launched toward the end of last year, which was immediately praised by Ysentric Thailand, a major local digital image transmission application, manufacturer, and has become a powerful backstage driving force for the company’s data computation of 5G telemedicine and VR services.

SUPERNAP owns Asia’s only Tier 4 certified gold-level data center, which spans an area of 30 acres. Located in the WHA Industrial Zone in Chonburi, its location offers unique advantages as it is close to the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. SUPERNAP’s main business operations consist of data hosting, which means that cloud application services are not their area of expertise. As the cloud service demand of Thai companies continues to rise, SUPERNAP has decided to shift to the cloud service market and over the past two years, is actively seeking business partners in the cloud service industry. SUPERNAP then discovered that Thailand’s local cloud platform providers were incapable of providing comprehensive cloud application service solutions. eASPNet on the other hand is one of the few Asian companies headquartered in Taiwan, whose business foundation is built upon data center services and successfully transformed into a cloud service company with its own reputable brand – GWS CLOUD. The two companies share the same background, ideology, and business strategy. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has traumatized the world, the two companies managed to install GWS CLOUD application service platform to SUPERNAP’s data center in Thailand in under six months. Shortly after (Less than three weeks), YSentric Thailand, a major Thai manufacturer, launched its 5G telemedicine services.

The medical industry holds strict standards when it comes to cloud services. Being able to be granted the trust of Ysentric Thailand within a short period of time is an indicative achievement. After a thorough evaluation and testing process by internationally renowned manufacturers and local cloud service providers, Ysentric Thailand chose the GWS CLOUD platform. The keys to GWS CLOUD competitive edge lie in the multiple ISO international security certifications, high flexibility in computing resources, an add-on function for information security, and a guaranteed 99.99% SLA. In addition, 24/7 real-time technical support provides clients with quality and reliable services.

Zhen-Sheng Wu, Chairperson of eASPNet, stated that this cooperation once again proves the strength of Taiwanese industry companies. Whether it’s industry expertise or state-of-the-art technology, Taiwanese businesses are held in high regard by international markets. The GWS CLOUD platform can help international data room operators undergo a business transformation and become diversified cloud platform service providers. It is our mission to prevent our customers from being affected by the pandemic and to grant them a smooth transformation process, thereby not only expanding their business but also offering services to more potential customers.