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Getting to Know ‘Nini Wu,’ the Talented Chairwoman of GWS CLOUD

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In this exclusive interview, we woule like to take you to meet another talented woman in the IT industry, Ms. Nini Wu, Chairwoman of GWS CLOUD Co., Ltd. GWS CLOUD is a leading cloud service provider from Taiwan. Nini shares her perspectives, starting from her role as a strong female CEO leading the cloud service expansion into the Thai market, to her work style and lifestyle. Forget the old image of an IT professionals!

The Strong Foundation of GWS CLOUD

“GWS CLOUD is a brand that provides cloud service under eASPNet, our parent company from Taiwan, which has been offering data center services for over 25 years. It is well-known in Taiwan, especially in the IT industry. The new step for GWS CLOUD in Thailand began about 4 years ago, focusing on cloud service to meet the growing demand for cloud business. Importantly, we decided to choose Thailand as the headquarters of GWS CLOUD for expanding into the Southeast Asian market.”

“The reasons for choosing Thailand as the central point include its geographical advantage, both in terms of location and space. Thailand is centrally located in Southeast Asia and has ample space for future expansion. Additionally, the cloud business in the Thai market shows good potential and is increasingly accepted. Moreover, we have received support from the Thai government, which is promoting the Cloud First Policy, which aims to primarily use the cloud. With our extensive experience, commitment to enhancing capabilities, and One-Stop Service, we hope to meet this demand effectively.”

New Perspectives from the Cloud Business

“I’d like to share that I actually graduated in Art and Design. However, being the only heir, I had to continue the family business, which is eASPNet, the parent company of GWS CLOUD. Initially, I mainly handled marketing and honestly, I wasn’t very interested in the IT industry. But as I learned more, I found that this industry is fascinating and full of interesting aspects because there are always new things to learn, especially new technologies that improve people’s convenience. It’s an industry that never stands still, which makes the work fun and keeps me motivated to keep learning. Now, I can confidently say that I enjoy working in the IT industry.

“From my working experience, I see that even though the cloud business focuses primarily on technology, good service is also crucial. So, I believe there isn’t the best cloud, but rather the most suitable one. I hope that GWS CLOUD, which combines good technology and service, will provide our customers with a great experience and help facilitate their IT needs effectively.”

Working Mode of a Talented Chairwomen

“My working style is very detailed and focused. Everything is planned, with a list of tasks to do, and I follow the plan step by step. However, I also believe in working happily and want everyone to be happy while working together too. Now that I mainly work in Thailand, I’ve had to adjust and learn new things, including the work style of my mostly Thai colleagues, and I’m also intensively learning Thai. As I adjust, I feel more comfortable working.”

“Building trust is a key principle in my work. It starts with creating trust among colleagues, which makes the organization credible, leading to customer confidence in our brand.”

Balancing Happiness, Nini Wu Style

“My life philosophy is to make work a part of life, but not let work affect personal life. If I encounter obstacles, I slow down to manage the problems before moving forward.

“When I have free time or want to relax, I love traveling. But since traveling requires a lot of time and I’m currently focused on work, I prefer to relax at home.”

“At home, I mainly exercise. Currently, I’m into yoga. Other hobbies include listening to music, reading, drawing, arranging flowers, and gardening. Another way I relieve stress is by spending time with family or friends, which makes me feel warm, not lonely, and happy being with loved ones. My life philosophy is to cherish the present moment, whether it’s with people who are still with us or the experiences that come along.”

“Taking care of myself is another important aspect. I’ve loved beauty since I was young. My main beauty secret is enjoying what I eat, not just eating healthily. I love bubble tea and hotpot, which makes me exercise regularly. Being disciplined, I work out 3-4 times a week for an hour each time. Another simple tip is to smile a lot to stay happy. I believe smiling makes women look more beautiful.”

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Nini Wu, Chairwoman of GWS CLOUD