GWS CLOUD Helps Cubinet Win the Battle Against Latency in Online Gaming



GWS CLOUD Helps Cubinet Win the Battle Against Latency in Online Gaming

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GWS CLOUD and SUPERNAP (Thailand) supports Cubinet in achieving faster gaming experience with reliable rapid response times and low latency for the pleasure of the online gamer community.

The video game industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. According to Statista, there are currently 3.24 billion people who play video games worldwide, which equates to over 40% of the global population. Asia alone is home to almost 1.5 billion gamers, making it the largest gaming market in the world.

From being a niche hobby, gaming has transformed into one of the most lucrative markets in the entertainment industry. Based on an article on Exploding Topics, the gaming industry is currently valued at $197.11 billion, and this number is expected to grow even further in the coming years. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the popularity of gaming, with more people turning to video games for entertainment while staying at home.
While the trend of gaming purchases has normalized in 2022, the industry remains a major player in the entertainment sector, with a projected value of over $268 billion by 2025, as stated by European Gaming.
Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games require mutual real-time visibility between gamers on the same screen. In the world of online gaming, quality will make or break the experience and beats the competition.
Cloud gaming involves running video games on remote servers and streaming them to a user’s device. The choice of digital infrastructure can have a significant impact on the gaming experience, including performance, latency, game availability, load times, security, cost, and support.
Cubinet, provides seamless online entertainment with games such as 9Yin, Perfect World, etc. easily accessible by PC, tablet, and smartphones to global gamers. Founded in 2006 in Malaysia, the company has since consolidated its position in Asia, with a growing portfolio of development partners and a community of over 15 million core players.
In 2022, the gaming company hosted on the cloud was facing latency issues to the extent of users not being able to connect to the platform. Rapidly the dissatisfaction of the end-users was shared through negative feedback to the company as well as on social media platforms and online forums. In today’s connected world news spread fast and reputational damage cause and effect eventually flows through to value. Aware of the risks and impacts of a bad user experience, Cubinet decided to act and look for better cloud hosting.
A comparison of cloud technology providers revealed that GWS CLOUD high-performance computing was more comprehensive and had better technical specifications than the competition. Moreover, its central position in Asia, close to the end user, match the developer team requests, including storage, as well as the SSD speed and High-bandwidth network.
The GWS CLOUD solution is empowered by eASPNet, the number one cloud service provider in Taiwan and locally hosted within SUPERNAP (Thailand), the most advanced hyperscale data center in Southeast Asia.
“From the beginning, through the migration and deployment, we have been impressed by SUPERNAP (Thailand) team engagement, effort, and fast response to solve the issues. We were also surprised by the multilingual skills of the team, which facilitates communication with our international developers. The results were immediate. The end user complaints dropped by 90% immediately, which makes us confident for the future, to expand both our clients and online entertainment portfolios.” Said Mr. Peerapol Asavathavornvanit, IT support at Cubinet Interactive.
Maintaining seamless gaming experiences across several devices requires reliable power and uptime. Any downtime can result in loss of player progress, loss of interest, and a huge and costly impact on business profitability. The GWS CLOUD Solution provides Cubinet with advanced cloud infrastructure in mission-critical facilities, enhancing the user experience with low latency, responsiveness, and high frame rates, minimizing disruption to mobile gamers’ activities.
“Nowadays, everyone talks about the cloud, and it is important to make a difference between the quality and capacity of these clouds. Content Delivery Providers (CDN) and the gaming industry, among others, have specific requirements which need to be addressed with innovation and high-end technology, to stay competitive in their field. Our partnership with SUPERNAP (Thailand) is client-focused and we are able with both companies’ strength to customize private, public or hybrid solutions for our clients.” relate Hans Huang, Chief Technology Officer at GWS CLOUD.
Furthermore, with powerful and reliable cloud computing services, Cubinet is able to dedicate more resources to application development and customer service. Technical teams can now focus on creating unique and immersive game experiences and less on infrastructure, accelerating speed time to market for features launches, additional patches, or new titles, and easily accessing to compute resources to handle large spikes in user traffic on these occasions.