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GWS CLOUD Creates a Special AI Computing Resource Pool in Thailand and Taiwan

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In recent years, the integration between AI Technology and Cloud Application has become a key driver of Digital Transformation, bringing unprecedented innovation and opportunities to all professions and industries. Mr. Sam Lu, Head of Business Development at GWS CLOUD, pointed out that the unique flexibility of the cloud system will be crucial in developing and bringing more opportunities to the market.

Currently, organizations are opting for Public Cloud to utilize AI models because building their own AI operating systems is high-cost, and as a result, it became a burden that only large corporations can bear. However, Public Cloud AI computing services are not only expensive but also resource limited. Often, customers must wait a long time but still do not receive the computing resources they need.

To address this challenge, GWS CLOUD has collaborated with partners to create a special AI Computing Resource Pool exclusively for Thailand and Taiwan. In the future, we will offer the most advanced AI Computing Services. In terms of hardware, GWS CLOUD has closely partnered with Supermicro, a major AI server manufacturer, along with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. We are confident in providing highly competitive AI computing solutions to customers. Leading companies have already proposed collaborations to develop specialized AI Computing Systems for their own use.

Additionally, GWS CLOUD has launched an All-in-ONE Solution for enterprise customers. This All-in-ONE Solution not only supports existing VMware customers but also allows new customers to test cloud system strategies. At the same time, they continue to assist customers who are interested in investing in AI systems by providing a complete GPU Computing Resource Pool Solution, including the creation of modern AI Data Centers, integration of GPU Computing Software and Hardware, and aggregation of relevant AI applicationss

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The advantage of the modern cloud system of GWS CLOUD-O lies in its HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) design, which reduces system complexity, addressing resource wastage and complicated management issues caused using various VMware modules. Meanwhile, it also offers multi-tenant architecture and platform customization, making it easy to create cloud services for entire departments or organizations. Flexible pricing allows customers to precisely control budgets and costs. In addition to functions like IaaS, Internet, Storage, Backup, and Hybrid Cloud, there are also AI application and development platforms. This enables organizations to easily apply AI technology across various industries.

The growing demand for AI has filled the cloud service industry with uncertainty this year. Nevertheless, GWS CLOUD, with over 15 years of Cloud Service experience and 24/7 technical support to build a reliable cloud system structure, will continue to assist both existing and new customers in solving various issues.