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GWS CLOUD Supports Organizations with the “Be Your Own Cloud” Solution

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GWS CLOUD, a leading cloud technology company from Taiwan, is entering the Thai market with its “Be Your Own Cloud” initiative. This allows organizations and Solution Providers to develop their own cloud solutions, branding them with their own identity while leveraging world-class technology from eASPNet, GWS CLOUD’s parent company from Taiwan.

GWS CLOUD is ready to offer B2B services

With extensive experience in B2C services, GWS CLOUD sees an opportunity to expand into the B2B market as a Cloud Solution Provider, bringing their cloud technology expertise to other organizations and opening new opportunities.

In the current industry, cloud service sales involve customers paying separately for system development or solutions and for cloud services directly to the cloud provider. This separation complicates services and payment processes, making it difficult for customers to get 24/7 technical support and leaving Solution Providers with minimal profit from recommending the cloud services.

To address these issues, GWS CLOUD provides white-label services under the “Be Your Own Cloud” initiative. This enables organizations or Solution Providers to develop and offer cloud services under their own brand, using advanced technology like GWStack and GWStack-O All-in-ONE as the foundation. Customers can easily access high-quality cloud services, while business partners gain more profit from offering cloud services under their own brand.

Nini Wu, Chairwoman of GWS CLOUD, stated, “We are disrupting the cloud industry to reduce service costs, counteracting the trend of major companies driving prices up. By providing B2B services, we enable our partners to offer cloud services directly to their customers, allowing them to manage their valuable clients effectively.”

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Nini Wu, Chairman of GWS CLOUD

GWS CLOUD’s perspective on current cloud service costs

Currently, the cloud industry attracts customers with low initial costs, but as usage increases, costs rise sharply. Additional fees for microservices and other minor services, as well as separate bandwidth charges, often make bandwidth costs higher than the cloud service itself.

In contrast, in other industries, higher usage typically results in lower per-unit costs. GWS CLOUD aims to make cloud service costs more reasonable by using Hybrid Cloud technology from eASPNet. This combines the private cloud for general data with the public cloud for high-demand, critical data, reducing unnecessary resource use and costs.

Our GWS CLOUD-O All-in-ONE platform includes necessary services without extra charges. Developers needing additional services like AI and ML models can use third-party providers, reducing costs even further.

With efficient management, cloud service costs can be significantly reduced, allowing GWS CLOUD to offer services up to 40% cheaper than the industry average.