Private Cloud


Some enterprises may opt for deploying private clouds due to regulatory or internal confidentiality concerns, seeking to leverage their dedicated resource space and data transmission efficiency for transformative advantages. However, traditional self-built private clouds require a lengthy and complex deployment process, including planning architecture, establishing software systems, procuring hardware equipment, configuring networks, and implementing data security measures, all of which must be managed single-handedly. Additionally, considerations such as expansion, maintenance, management, and software-hardware compatibility need to be taken into account. In such cases, a “Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)” GWStack All-in-One machine with complete independent modules can be an excellent solution.

The GWStack All-in-One machine combines with the GWS CLOUD public cloud services of Digital United International to provide enterprises with a comprehensive hybrid cloud solution in a containerized output manner. It exclusively integrates the AII-in-ONE platform or various VMware technologies, offering a simple and rapid licensing procurement process. Through lease-to-own and monthly payment billing methods, enterprises can avoid the need for large upfront licensing fees and can economically and securely establish exclusive private and hybrid cloud services. It is the best choice for localized enterprise cloud deployment. Combined with Digital United’s over 20 years of professional data center experience and 24/7 real-time technical support and monitoring, business operations are ensured to be secure, efficient, and reliable. Choose the GWStack All-in-One machine now to kickstart cloud integration.

GWS CLOUD’s GWStack all-in-one solution integrates our public cloud service, providing enterprises with a complete hybrid cloud solution utilizing exclusive advanced VMware technology. In terms of authorization, we provide easy and fast procurement procedures. Enterprises can choose to pay-as-you-go, thereby not needing large, one-time license fees, which means they can build their dedicated private cloud and hybrid cloud services in the most economical and secure way possible. Clients can also enjoy comprehensive technical support. It is the optimal choice for the localization of cloud services.


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Rapid deployment and easy integration

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No large upfront payments

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Huge reduction in time and cost

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High performance and flexible scalability


O Series

Outright purchase or monthly payments

Free software upgrades and hardware warranty services

All-in-one machine offering hybrid cloud technology

Tailored integration with the All-in-ONE platform

V Series

Comprehensive security with NSX and vSAN

24/7 real-time technical support and monitoring

VMware Cloud Verified certification



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Services Service Items Ellipse Orange




Enterprises looking to plan and build a dedicated hybrid cloud platform.



Security Superiority

Certified by ISO 27001/27011 and 27017/27018 Standard. Our security expertise provides 24/7 real-time technical support and monitoring.

Global Connection

Our data center is an Internet exchange center with abundant international submarine cables, built together with well-known telecom partners. We provide high-speed connectivity to data centers worldwide.

Flexible and Scalable

Create a unique hybrid cloud solution tailored to each business that can be flexibly expanded, rapidly deployed, and cost-effectively.

Advance Technology

With cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art facilities plus more than 23 years of hands on experience, we are widely recognized by government and enterprises.