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A technology start-up company in Taiwan is focusing its business on the audio/visual market. The development of video materials requires investing significant GPU resources in AI model training, but the time taken to purchase equipment and building systems was too long. In addition, more resources are needed for future expansions, and with other external factors such as the data center network issue, the development schedule has been severely impacted. As a result, the developed product could not be launched in time, leading to significant losses. 

To solve these issues, the start-up company employed the Advanced Bare Metal Solution (ABMS) rental services and AI SaaS cloud model development and deployment tools offered by the GWS CLOUD, along with S3 storage applications, to greatly improve the development difficulties. Not only can resources be flexibly allocated to computational needs, but the manpower for system building and maintenance can also be reduced; a myriad selection of model training and inferencing tools can also effectively shorten the product development schedule and accelerate the launch to market.


Prolonged model training time

For an AI start-up, success means taking the lead in the market. High performance hardware can be used to shorten the training time needed for the models used in critical products. However, the hardware procurement process is often time-consuming.

Waiting due to insufficient resources

With limited development resources, multiple projects must compete with each other for resource allocation; inflexible allocation of development resources will lead to delays in the project schedule.

Slow system building and expansion

A traditional self-built platform requires many complicated processes such as planning, purchasing, and building. When future growth demands additional resources, they could not be implemented immediately, and thus impacting the launch of product services.

High expenses for environment and equipment management

A start-up company creates everything from zero; it requires a stable, highly available data center/server environment with adequate power, network and personnel management resources. In terms of economic benefits, it is relatively poor; the key point to consider will be how to properly invest in a highly available and stable IT service.


Abundant GPU computational resources available on-demand

GWS CLOUD has abundant GPU resources with up-to-date specifications. Enterprise customers can enjoy these services with easy operation, saving significant time on system creation and maintenance; the pay-as-you-use billing mode is cost-effective and prevents unnecessary waste of resources.

Multiple development tools to satisfy the needs for AI model training

AI SaaS service has a wide variety of common training frameworks and inferencing tools, which are easy to use through a graphical user interface; developers can also choose to install and deploy appropriate frameworks themselves. Models that have completed training can also be deployed through inferencing service - a one-stop service solution that satisfies all requirements.

Cloud-based servers for high quality and stable development environment

ABMS provides many server specifications and can be adjusted based on needs, deployed simultaneously in the data center/server room, maintain the stability of system and service operation, and save on costs of system construction. Together with AI SaaS services, the development tasks can even be flexibly allocated to the cloud environment.


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