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In the financial industry, building and maintaining server rooms for IT operations is a common practice. For example, a financial institution in Taiwan owns a data center that is over 600m2 in floor space and has been operating for over 25 years. However, as time goes by, the equipment in the data center gradually becomes outdated, requiring substantial costs to replace and update. Still, the increase in equipment will also lead to more investment in human resources so that the equipment can be properly maintained. Years of accumulated IT system data and immature IT technology and environment, outdated by 20 years, result in resources and frameworks unable to catch up with current up-to-date technology and demands. The costs of re-development and accompanying risks are also difficult to estimate. 

As regulatory restriction on cloud technology for the financial industry relaxes, the GWS CLOUD Tier III Cloud Data Center and Hybrid Cloud solution are able to meet the requirements for government oversight and international standards, providing solutions to customer’s issues while saving significantly on the costs of hardware/software creation and update maintenance.


Inflexible IT environments and frameworks

Traditional infrastructure is based on hardware, and its common weaknesses are slow, inflexibility and high maintenance costs. Modern innovations are mostly software-based, and the demands for data systems are increasing; due to difficulty in expansion and management, traditional IT infrastructure is unable to keep up with the rapid growth of the financial industry.

Resource silos are difficult to integrate

Due to the immaturity of IT technology and the lack of consideration for resource integration and expansion in environment planning, the financial industry over 20 years ago created systems that operate independently from each other. However, ineffective resource utilization and complicated management methods of these “silo systems” prevented IT personnel from pursuing innovative development.

Substantial costs associated with auditing

As the industry standards and specifications for cybersecurity become more sophisticated, enterprises need to create a second data center for data backup and service recovery to conform with the auditing and review criteria for data protection and high service availability. The costs for building a new data center, including those for software/hardware equipment, network, security management and maintenance are at least tens of millions of dollars.


Software-defined data center for flexible and centralized management

Based on VMware server virtualization, network and storage virtualization, a software-defined data center (SDDC) architecture is built, which can perform vertical and flexible expansion, integrate IT resources, and centrally manage the IT needs of various departments.

Dedicated and self-manageable resources

GWS CLOUD offers a safe and dedicated cloud environment and resources. Sensitive data of the financial industry can be protected by encryption or token; cloud technology can substantially save costs on hardware introduction, software updates and operational maintenance.

Multi-cloud backup for data security

GWS CLOUD offers a 3-2-1 data protection mechanism, providing on-premise and off-site data backups and cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery services, which conform with the requirements of the auditing unit.

SD-WAN cloud network integration for safer transmission of data

The VMware NSX SD-WAN solution has passed the PCIDSS certification, offering financial customers a stable and fast encrypted channel to satisfy the need for data transmission security.


Cloud Backup

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)