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A prestigious academic institution blends tradition and technology by actively renewing and integrating the various hardware and software systems on campus and has accumulated abundant experience in the external construction of platforms. Recently, the institution was commissioned by a government agency to create an online smart system platform, which is aimed at assisting the agency in managing resources and providing online services to the public. 

Since each project has different needs, the team has conducted a comprehensive assessment and concluded that the environment resource of the government project needs to be built from the ground up, as well as being able to flexibly adapt to changing needs; the team finally selected the government certified GWS CLOUD. All the security features are compliant with regulatory requirements, whether it’s cybersecurity, personal information, or security certifications. The project can be quickly activated just by selecting cloud services on the government purchase website. Professional technical staff are also available to assist in construction, management, and information review.


Inflexible Service Framework and Management Platform

The conventional private cloud framework is not able to meet the evolving project requirements. To address changing needs, the cloud management platform must be sufficiently flexible to allow IT professionals to change the service framework at will.

Potential Cybersecurity Threats

Government agencies possess mass quantity of sensitive data and are usually targeted by cybersecurity threats. An external service platform that is under attack by hackers could leak important data and disable critical operation systems, resulting in significant losses.

Lack of Professional Technical Experts

Government projects mostly involve development of applications. The academic institution does not employ dedicated cloud technicians and require extra personnel to learn and be familiar with the operation and application of cloud services, as well as troubleshooting IT-related issues.


Comprehensive Cloud Services to Satisfy the Needs of the Project

In addition to the fundamental servers, completion of a project requires multiple network gateway services, cybersecurity services, backup, and recovery services. The various cloud services provided by GWS CLOUD can satisfy the needs of government agencies and can be procured through the Government e-Procurement System.

Safe and Reliable Cloud Service Platform

The GWS CLOUD Service Platform has passed stringent reviews by government agencies, as well as earning multiple certifications and cybersecurity certifications, providing highly reliable service guarantee up to SLA 99.999%.

Self-Manageable Cloud Platform

A cloud management platform that allows project personnel to view capacity usage and performance data in real-time and can be adjusted and configured based on the requirements of the various phases of the project.

24 Hours Professional Technical Support

Government agencies across Taiwan have insufficient cybersecurity and dedicated IT technical personnel. We provide 24x7 technical support services and can implement the project requirements in real-time, as well as around-the-clock surveillance of vital systems to maintain normal operation.


Intrusion Prevention

Load Balancing

Cybersecurity Service