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A well-known manufacturer in Taiwan has maintained factories and offices in Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia. To maintain high stability of data transmission, the company uses MPLS technology to build a dedicated internal VPN network.

With various ERP and operation management systems centrally located in the company’s main headquarters in Taipei, the company’s IT services are delivered internationally via dedicated lines or relying on public cloud to develop services. However, operating MPLS are costly and not without limitations – users often experience transmission issues due to insufficient bandwidths, impacting the normal operations of the company; the expenses for maintaining dedicated lines and related software/hardware also constitute a significant financial burden.

Through the assistance and planning by the professional technology team of GWS CLOUD, the manufacturer can easily save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in network fees monthly by adopting a multi-cloud framework and intelligent network technology.


Network Latency Leads to Poor User Experience

With the operation management systems mainly concentrated in the Taipei headquarter, the company’s internal users often experience limited transmission due to insufficient bandwidths; network latency is also an issue for international users, as the OA system cannot transmit in real-time, impeding work synergy within the corporation.

Risk of Disconnection Even with Dedicated Lines

MPLS is expensive and has limitations such as limited bandwidths and flexibility, complicated network configuration, and dependence on service provider to a certain degree. In addition, since the manufacturer has not planned a backup mechanism, there are also risks of network disconnection and loss network packets.

High Maintenance Costs for Hardware and Software

The manufacturer owns mainframe machines, which could incur significant costs if malfunctioned. In addition to hardware depreciation, a high maintenance budget must be planned annually; an expensive one-time purchase option is also selected for software licensing.

Network Environments Not Centralized Managed

In conventional network framework, the network environment at each node and plant must be managed individually, relying on their respective IT personnel to perform remote assistance, which is not only time-consuming but also labor-intensive.


Multi-Cloud Framework and Localized Services

GWS CLOUD nodes are distributed across the globe; corporations can select the nearest node for cloud application, improving efficiency and user experience.

Automated Software-defined Networks for More Flexible Framework

Network virtualization with VMware NSX provides flexible scalability for enterprise intranet, allowing framework adjustment based on business needs or changes in enterprise operational direction, centralized management, automation and integration of network resources.

Flexible Billings of Cloud Services for Better Use of Budget

Flexible, billing-by-usage mechanism unique to cloud services, substantially reduces one-time costs and allows more efficient use of the budget.

SD-WAN Cloud and Network Integration to Ensure Stable Data Transmission

SD-WAN improves upon the efficiency and stability of conventional network, greatly reduces the high costs of MPLS VPN, as well as possesses advantages like line aggregation, automated management and back-up line mechanism.