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eASPNet Cooperate with VMware to Build Taiwan’s First Local Hybrid Cloud


Global cloud infrastructure and enterprise mobility provider, VMware, Inc., announced in vForum 2016 held on November 8, their cooperation agreement with eASPNet Taiwan Inc. With VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) as their core technology, they will build Taiwan’s first local hybrid cloud, providing customers with uninterrupted online migration service equipped with VMware vSphere vMotion function. In response to enterprises’ mobility management requirements, eASPNet shall be implementing VMware AirWatch Software as a Service (AirWatch SaaS) solution, providing enterprises with mobility management services. eASPNet has also officially become a member of VMware vCloud Air Network (vCAN for short) partner program.

VMware vCloud Air Network is based on VMware technology, and VMware team has assisted more than 4,200 partners in the world in becoming cloud service providers. vCAN partners can base on local business needs, select a cloud service certified by vCAN, and use the VMware solution on a “pay-per-use” subscription mode to develop related cloud service businesses.

The goal of VMware and eASPNet’s cooperation is to build Taiwan’s first local hybrid cloud. It means that in the future, besides the public cloud service provided by eASPNet using VMware computing resources (Virtual machine), assistance from the VMware team will also be provided in network virtualization technologies (VMware NSX) implementation. This technical support and computing resources that cross physical data centers, make use of vSphere vMotion to carry out uninterrupted online migration in a secured environment. Enterprises are able to allocate public cloud and private cloud resources flexibly, within the relevant laws and regulations.

eASPNet was established in 2000 and is Taiwan’s first internet data center to be certified by TruSecure, an international certification body. With its highly reliable server rooms and 24/7 instant technical support, it provides enterprises with IT hosting and value-added services. Since 2013, it has expanded its cloud computing services globally, to countries like China, Germany, America, Mexico, South America, etc., by alliancing with local cloud service providers. Partnering with global platform partners, eASPNet not only is able to provide long-term and stable performance and services to enterprises of various scales, but it can also cater for customers who are expanding overseas with their prompt local support.

General Manager of VMware Taiwan, Barry Chen, said, “Facing the global digital economy wave, enterprises hope that IT can be the strategic resource for business transformation. VMware transforms traditional IT infrastructure such as server, storage, and network virtualization into the software-defined data center. Through IT as a service, enterprises are able to obtain flexibility, security, speed, and performance, and be able to respond promptly to the competitive business environment. VMware shall continue to combine with local resources, and through collaboration, provide enterprises with methods in mastering software-defined businesses, and helping them in succeeding in digital transformation.”

eASPNet Chairman Jackson Wu feels that “Cloud computing has changed traditional IT business models, and traditional IDC service providers have to transform too. Besides continuing to strengthen the company’s core competitiveness, we actively cooperate with internationally renowned companies and hope that with the best cooperation model, we can together assist enterprises in strengthening their IT competitiveness. Our cooperation with VMware in building a hybrid cloud further differentiates us from other service providers in the market. It not only increases the company’s overall cloud technology and service capabilities but also lets our long-term customers from various businesses feel safe in using public cloud which is in compliance with the laws and regulations.”

In addition, due to the popularity of smart devices, there is an increasing demand for mobile devices, mobile applications, and content management for enterprises. To reduce customers’ investment in manpower and time in self-maintaining their system, as well as increase information security control, this cooperation also includes mobile management cloud application platform, AirWatch’s application, and service solutions. In the future, eASPNet shall provide mobile management cloud application services, becoming a managed service provider (MSP) of Taiwan AirWatch SaaS.